Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Babies Are Coming

Rescues helping Rescues is in the making.  A Rescue fell on bad times and needed to place mothers and their babies together until the baby is weaned.    Well......... White Rock was fortunate to accommodate the Rescue and lucky us 3 sets of mother and baby are coming on May 12, 2017.

Filly and Mother

Filly and Mother

Filly and Mother

Colt and Mother

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Magnus, Southside, and Flicka Come to White Rock

Magnus is a 2 yr. old Thoroughbred gelding who has been determined not a racing candidate.   His owner surrendered Magnus to WRR so he could find a forever home with a career that will be a better fit. Magnus is a beautiful Thoroughbred with a heart of a puppy.  He is up for adoption.

Southside is a 4 yr. old Thoroughbred mare surrendered to WRR due to an injury to her left eye.  Southside has never been raced but has had training on the ground.  She is up for Adoption,

Flicka (aka Reign) was surrendered to WRR as a gift.  Flicka has bonded with a 10 yr. old girl who is now sponsoring her.  Flicka is 22 yrs. old and can go like the wind.  A match has been made.

Lacey is becoming WRR Ranch Horse

Lacey a percheron horse was returned after 5 years of being adopted due to the owner wanting her to come back to WRR.  Lacey is now the Ranch Horse for the kids to ride and have fun on.  Lacey will never forget her previous owner and thanks him for bringing her back to WRR to enjoy her life.

Snoppy is getting a Home

Snoppy is being adopted by an individual that adopted a WRR rescue horse in 2011 and now is in need of another horse for the horse that is lonely.  Snoppy will be happy to leave WRR because he would like more food and a home of his own.  Snoppy has taken up lodging in our temp shed.  He is a smart horse.  WRR will miss you Snoppy but your have a forever home.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Annual Whoadown and Rodeo White Rock May 20th

Please come and enjoy yourself at WRR with the Rescue Horses and Sponsors.  A rodeo will be part of our WhoaDown and a parade of rescue horses will amaze you.  Adoptable rescue horses will be identified and the stories of their life will be shared.   

Saturday, February 18, 2017

White Horses in the Rain

During the February 2017 rains, White Rock Horse Rescue's White Horses are very happy changing their color to Brown.  Please enjoy our horses having fun.
Spirit - Ranch Horse
Lacy - Ranch Horse
Amber - Available


Cyrus- Available

Fonzie - Available

Diamond - Ranch Horse

Sundance - Available

White Rock Horse Rescue Sponsoring Program in Action

White Rock Horse Rescue offers a Sponsoring Program for individuals that love to be with horses. 
Below are some of our events on our rescues and their sponsors. These Sponsors commit to these horses for $100 a month.
Lauren and Bubba
Isabel and Phoebe.

At Gallupin Paws 2017

Chantel and Royal

Chantel and Royal

Sponsors and their Rescue Horses

Gallupin Paws Event with Rescur Horses and Sponsors

Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie, and Morgan and Sally


Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie and Isabel and Phoebe

Gallupin Paws Event

Cassie and Jaelynn's Big Adventure at White Rock

White Rock Horse Rescue, rescues horses and with our Sponsoring Program, a relationship and adventures start.  A relationship with a rescue horse is seen in this emotional video of Cassie and Jaelynn.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Adopted-Appaloosa - Bella New Arrival

Bella - 18 month old Appaloosa Mare
Bella was born and raised in Alabama


Bella and Her Mother

Bella and the herd of babies

Bella and Mom


Bella and Her Mom with Grass

Bella at White Rock Horse Rescue September 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Giddy-Up 4 Goodies on Horse Back Oct 29, 2016

Save The Date:  October 29,2016
Time: 10:00 -\2:00
Where:  White Rock Horse Rescue

2nd Annual Giddy-Up for Goodies on Horse Back will be held for the community to enjoy our rescues.  Special events, food, and Goodies for  all.  If you would like to move a "Pig" or should you try to move a"Pig" come to the event.  Children or adults will enjoy the 2-1/5 acre ride around the obstacle course for goodies.  Saddles will be used on all horses with helmets.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fall Horse Camp Sign-up for Nov 25-29, 2016

Bogart Park is White Rock Horse Rescue most requested Camp Site due to the location, camping sites, and horse trails. Sooooooo registration for this Fall Camp is now open.  Bring your own horse or bring your sponsored horse that is at White Rock Horse Rescue..  The Camp holds 10 horses and tent camping is available right by your horse or close to the fire.  This is our 2nd Annual Fall Camp, please come to WRR to sponsor a horse, or contact Isabel at 951`-532-2417 for more information.

8 spaces available.  Please fill out and submit your deposit of $100.00 towards transportation of horses.

Downloadable Forms and Documents