Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 years Later WRR

Delilaha 2014
Delilaha 2015

Sound Breeze (TB) 2013
Sound Breeze 2015
733 Geronimo 2004
733 Geronimo 2015

2nd Chance 2013
2nd Chance 2015 (on the right)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Snoopy's Story 2015

Snoopy came to WRR in January 2015 from Agoura Hills Animal Shelter with his ears back and his mouth open.  Snoopy was sure to be at the top of the herd.  After a couple of weeks and just touching him and leaving him alone, he stopped pinning his ears.  He only would show this behavior if you approached him. Then one day, no ears back and his mouth was not a weapon.  He started to show signs of enjoying the touching and then he was ridden.  Snoopy now had a job.
Snoopy loves to give rides to little children and adults without an attitude and he was adopted.  Snoopy left WRR on April 21, 2015.  WRR will miss him but Cindy will love him.

It was a perfect for both of them Cindy and Snoopy.  Cindy needed a quiet gelding and Snoopy needed a loving home.  A win win ending.

Annual Horse Camp at Ribbonwood Equestian Camp July 20-24, 2015

2014 White Rock Ranch camped at Lake Perris with 13 riders and their horses.  This year WRR will be having their Annual Horse Camp at Ribbonwood Equestian Camp.  Please sign up early for this wonderful experience.
$200 for 5 days of fun Monday - Friday July 20-24

Fancie (aka Freya) has a Home

Fancie (aka Freya) has a new home with Buddy and more friends then you can imagine.  Fancie's owner past away on April 6, 2015 and was returned to White Rock Horse Rescue.  Fancie didn't belong to a rescue and she was noticed by Nancy who adopted her amd jas given her a chance to be a horse.  Thank you Nancie.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lauren Chen Through The Years

Lauren Chen was once a little girl and a beginner rider 2011 with Jazzie. Then time in the saddle can create a rider. See below.

Lauren Chen, 2014, committed time, patience, and love to gain respect with her horse Jazzie. How proud WRR is of her.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Love at First Sight - Ruthie and Fin 2015

On your left you have Fin, (age unknow) a registered TB, and on your right you have Ruthie(age 20ish) an Arabian.  Ruthie was surrendered nearly 10 months in 2014 and had no other horse to hand with that was in the herd.  Then two weeks into February 2015 this beautiful TB was surrendered and he matched Ruthie color, markings and horseanality.  The have been together since thar wonderful day that their eyes met.  Ruthie isn't alone anymore.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sound Breeze Thoroughbred's Journey 2015

Sound Breeze TB was surrendered to WRR in March 2011 after a racing injury.  A new life for him was born.
Sound Breeze was adopted then returned after a fit in heaven wasn't made. WRR was glad to have him back rather than he be unhappy and so the new owner.
Then Sound Breeze found his new owners, Carol and Daryl, in August 2011. Sound Breeze was suppose to be for Daryl, but as you know when you have a relationship with a horse you know it.
Sound Breeze then moved with his new owner and love of his life to Louisiana.
Sound Breeze now found his perfect fit with Carol and it had green grass too.
Sound Breeze was decorated for Christmas 2014
with more than just one halter.
And now 2015, Sound Breeze has his own name on his halter from Carol, who loves him more each day.  Thank you Carol for adopting Sound Breeze, a rehab Thoroughbred.

Delilah before and after 2014-2015

My name is Delilah. I am a Foundation Quarter Horse and i am between the ages of 5 and 7. Before i came to White Rock Horse Rescue August 2014, i was owned by a family that used me for eventing. When they could no longer use me because i was lame, and very thin, they surrendered me to WRR. Now i am sponsored by a girl named Lauren. She comes up to WRR to care for me and ride me 4 times a week. For the past 8 months she has been feeding me pellets, and i have shoes on all 4 to eliminate lameness. Now after 8 months, i am a healthy weight, and am happier than i have ever been because i know i am loved. Lauren and I are going to be entering in Gymkhana within these next few months. I love my new home at The White Rock Horse Rescue. See the photos before and after below.

Delilah August 2014

Delilah March 14, 2015

Delilah and Lauren February 1, 2015




Update March 17th, Is She or Isn't She, Pregnant? "no"

Update March 17, 2015:

Dr. Petrus came to WRR on March 16, 2015 and rechecked Stella.  As we waited with bated breath and the real sign came.  2nd Chance was returned to WRR and Stella fell in love.  Dr. Petrus said she was too fat.  All the signs point to "no".  Thank you for any interest in Stella and the Vet bill was reasonable.  Isabel

Stella, a black Quarter Horse mare, came to White Rock Rescue on August 2014, as a rescue from a breeding farm in Sky Valley California. She had just been taken away from her 6 month old foal, and was extremely out of proportion when she came. Stella didn't loose any weight but has continued to have milk. Please note WRR has no stallions, and a no breeding policy, so she would be in foal by the previous owners. Stella was a brood mare, and only halter broken, but sweet as can be with people. She is also available for adoption.
 A vet was called to determine if she was in foal, but because of her previous foal condition, the vet could not determine "yes" or "no." As you can see in the pictures, WRR is concerned if proper care is needed for Stella if she is pregnant. With this scenerio, WRR needs your help with donations to take Stella to Dr.Lenhert for an ultrasound. Any donations recieved for Stella will go towards Stella's condition. Any donations will be appreciated through paypal, via mail, or in person: 733 Geronimo Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284. Thank you for your consideration in Stella.

Stella on March 14,2015 

The "Shadow knows" March 15, 2015
Stella March 15, 2015


Monday, October 27, 2014

WhoaDown, Sponors and Thank You from WRR

Flamingo Heights:  White Rock Horse Rescue announces their 2014 Whoadown For Hay will be held on November 1, 2014, Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 733 Geronimo Trail,  Flamingo Heights.  WRR will feature entertainment by the  “Volunteers and Rescue Horses"  in the Parade of Horses at 1:00 p.m.  Booths with Walking Taco, drinks, face painting, hamster and fish competition, pony play time, cupcake walk, and much more will be available.  This annual event will allow the Rescue to earn donations for Hay for the Winter Months and for the Community to see how we are growing and just have fun.   Please be part of our annual event. For more information or questions, contact Isabel Megli, at 951-532-2417.

To thank the local business' and people that have helped White Rock Horse Rescue continue their efforts in sponsoring us for years are:
  • Desertmoon Pictorial Real Estate Magazine . . . Where People and Companion Animals Find A Home!'
  • Tractor Supply in Yucca
  • C&J Feed
  • Thoroughbred Charties of America
  • Chris Chen/Lynn/Grandfather
  • Carol Davison, Villa Administrtor
  • Blue Horse Charties
  • Ron, the Tractor man
  • Wild Mustang Feed
  • Dr. Smith and Dr. Petrus
  • Marine Volunteers

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