Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White Rock Horse Rescue Needs Your Help

White Rock Horse Rescue buys hay in bulk which costs over $5000.  At this time of year we need your donations to help buy hay for the Winter at today's prices.  Please donate for the horses so Winter will be complete.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Paints Go to Their New Home 2014

JJ and Tuf Enough finally are in their new home.  And what a view.  Susan and Mike took time to create a home specially for the paints.  They are now known as Virgel and  Wyatt. 

Mike and Susan are now ranch and horse owners.  The horses love their new home and Mike and Susan are now ready to take on the responsibility of their two new family members.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Promise's Trip to 29-Palm Military Base

Promise's was starting a new life with Amba and James, and White Rock Horse Rescue was excited for her and her new family.  Promise moved right into her new stall in Landers and starting eating.  Amba was so excited about taking good care of her, the next morning Amba was going to worm her and start a relationship with her.
But as all good plans go, Promise had a different idea, she thought she would head out for the desert and site see.  So Promise took off and she was unstoppable heading for 29 Palms Military Base off Border and Reche.  James started tracting her on foot and when he reached Border, no entrance beyond this point, he figured Promise couldn't read because her foot steps kept going.
James and Amba called White Rock and away Dave and Brian sprung into action, with 4-wheel drive vehicles and a urgent call to the Base for permission to look for Promise.  After permission with the escort, Sgt. Adam Munoz, LCPL Cole Corwin, from PMO Special Reaction Team, came to the rescue with binoculars in hand. As the team went in different directions because Promise was now 4 hours without water, the task was on to find Promise.
 Dave received a call from the team and they had found Promise, so Dave went to get her in the truck, but she was only a dot in their binoculars.  The team could see her in the area where there was no firing but the town and area around had smal firing going on.  Save the horse........was the new owners desire.
So after going into the Marine Corp Base 6 miles by truck, Promise was now on her way home through the desert again but the other way.  Promise's feet hurt, needed water which was provided by the Team, and didn't like being pulled through the desert by a truck to get her to the safe area of Border and Reche for a ride home.  Promise was finally home with sore feet and and experience she will never forget or will Sgt. Munoz, LCPL Corwin, our heros.  WRR and everyone involved want to thank the Team and the Marine Corp Base for their help and understanding in our desire to find our horse and bring her home safely with no injuries.  Another job well done.  Thank you.
Promise, QH mare, 18 years old.

Why, Why kill the Donkey???

In the Naturet Park lived a little Donkey.  He came from Mexico and was given to White Rock by the Chen Family as a special gift for all to enjoy.  He lived very happy for months, but then one day or night, someone, something, destroyed him in one or two or even three blows to the head.  I don't know why he had to die, but we will be buring him this weekend in the Nature Park.   White Rock will miss him and hopefully, we will have another donkey in the fuiture for all to enjoy and love.

Friday, May 23, 2014

ASPCA Fence Grant nearly completed - May 23, 2014

In 2013 White Rock Ranch received a grant for $4000.00 for a wood fence for our property.  The Dream is coming true thanks to the Marines, Brian, Dave, and all our wonderful volunteers.  This project was a long hard project but what a difference it is going to make for the security of the Horses.  Thanks ASPCA.  Currently pictures to follow.
February 2014 - Poles are in.

PVC Pipe fence just doesn't hold up in our climate.

The volunteer marines made my day.  Thanks again.

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 2014 Horse of the Week

May 19, 2014
Horse of the Week

Geronimo and DeAnn first met on May 19th, DeAnn chose him to be the horse of the week because he needs to be adopted because he is such a good horse; he is a keeper for a good rider, he is not for a beginner.....but for someone who likes to ride.

Milo is a 13 year old Arabian Gelding who came to WRR because he was to
 athelethic for the barn he was at.  He is 14 hands, and knows how to work in the arena.

Milo is friendly you can bathe him, groom him, but must know how to ride
if he's your choice. Doesn't need shoes is low maintenance he is an easy keeper.

Renada has a home. Adopted

May 19, 2014

Wild Mustang called WRR to help a horse in need.  She was in okay condition after Marie feed her and had her feet done.  So here comes Katrina.  But now her name is Renada.  Renada was placed in a foster home for one-on-one hands on.  She was being trained by Sharon, who also rehabed Humorous.  But something was different, Renada is now Sharon's horse.  A match is made.  Thank you Sharon for all you do.
Renada now.  What a horse.

Juliet, a 2-1/2 year old QH/Arab is now for Adoption

May 19, 2014

Juliet had an owner that wanted her, so she breed her mare and Juliet was born.  Then as Juliet got older now she had to be taken care of.  White Rock Horse Rescue was called to be donated so Juliet would find a home.  Juliet is not broke to ride.  But needs training and love.  Here she is.

Vinny and Stormy: In memory

Our story begins with a call for help from Stormy the owner of Vinny.  She had given her horse, Vinny, to a private party and a call was made to her that Vinny wasn't doing well. He couldn't walk on his left hind foot and swelling had taken place.  They asked her if they could take him to auction.  Stormy was there in a minute to see Vinny.  May 2014

After seeing Vinny in a lot of pain with his back left foot, swelling and not weight baring, and into the 3rd week of pain, Stormy stayed with Vinny at that ranch for 2 weeks but Stormy didn't see the condition getting better.  The Ranch told her Vinny had a broken bone and an absess in his left hind.  Stormy took Vinny back with no questions, just love and looked for help.

Stormy had Vinny trailered to Laughing Stock Ranch, Toni, and from there White Rock Horse Rescue was called to see if there was room for Vinny to rehab at and be donated.  White Rock Horse Rescue took him immediately so Vinny could get better. But it didn't get better.  Vinny and Stormy were in pain.May 12, 2014.

After farrier, friends, and Dr. Lenhert with xrays, which were donated to WRR by Dave, it was determined Vinny had a nail hole in his foot and it was missed diagnosed at the previous ranch, and now Vinny had a bone infection which is painful and not successful fore rehab.  With all the right information, Vinny with Stormy at his side, is now at piece with no pain.  But Stormy had two wonderful days with him at the WRR and acceptance was reached.  Vinny will always be in her heart.  The experience for WRR was true love and devotion.  Thanks Stormy for being there for Vinny.
Always, Isabel

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hope is waiting for Maeve 5/5/2014

The Winter of 2013-2014 Hope, a draft x was and is still, Sponsored by Maeve and a relationship grew.  Then one day Maeve didn't come anymore because of an injury and surgery.  Hope is just waiting for Maeve to come back and ride her again and  Hope lives in the moment just waiting, but who hurts too, the human, Maeve.  WRR can't wait until Maeve comes back to the ranch 100% so the relationship will be what they both want; each other.  Get well soon.  WRR

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Horse Camp July 7-11, 2014 Sign up Now

2014 WRR Horse Camp Registration
There are only 4 spots left for this camp,  Please sign up as soon as possible.  This is a wonderful experience for anyone, adult or child.
Click on image to download Registration Form
2014 WRR Horse Camp Schedule
Click on image to download Camp Schedule

White Rock Horse Ranch is hosting a camp for individuals to come, adults down  to a 10 year old.  The destination is Lake Perris Horse Camping and it is a primative camping with just the bare necessities.   Camp fires and tent camping will be our intertainment and sleeping arrangements.  Two tents will be available so all you will need is sleeping bags and personal items.  WRR will provide the horse, tack, transportation, food and water.  Register early to hold a space for the camp.

Directions to Lake Perris
From the 60 freeway east, exit Moreno Beach Dr.  Go right (R) to Via Del Lago and make a left (L).  Via Del Lago will come straight into the park at the Moreno Valley Entrance.
   From the 215 south, exit Ramona Expressway and go left (L), to Lake Perris Drive (do not confuse with Perris Blvd), make another left (L).  This brings you straight to the Perris Entrance.

   If you are coming from south of the Recreation Area then you will need to come up the 215 north, exit the Ramona Expressway and make a right (R) to Lake Perris Drive (do not confuse with Perris Blvd) and make a left (L).  This brings you to the Perris Entrance.

A map of the streets around the State Recreation Area can be found on the front page in the right hand column.

Downloadable Forms and Documents