Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fall Horse Camp 2013 Part Two

Because White Rock Horse Rescue is located in such a beautiful area, we like to take advantage of some of the natural wonders during horse camp. One favorite trip is heading to the oak tree in the middle of the desert.

The kids learn about nature while actually exploring nature. One common discussion is how this tree ended up in the middle of the desert and where the seed may of come from. We also discuss why it's important not to strip the bark off the tree or vandalize the rocks. On the way over to the tree, if you keep your eyes open, you'll even spot some petroglyphs.

Many of the kids at this camp had never been hiking like this, so it was a new experience.

Of course, what kid can resist climbing all over the boulders when presented with the opportunity to just enjoy exploring.

They climbed and searched for different ways to get up and back down.

They probably could have happily stayed here all day climbing and exploring, but we had another stop to make before we headed back to the ranch.

Next stop, the mine.... There is something rather cool about looking down into an old mine.

The kids really enjoyed seeing this piece of the area's history.

Getting out and being active in nature, while not a favorite thing for everyone as some kids were getting a bit tired by this point, was exciting. They had the opportunity to see and experience things that were all new to them.

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