Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Horse Highlight: JayJay (Face Off)

We'd like to introduce JayJay (formally known as Face Off). JayJay is one of the five Paints that were donated by Lazy JN Ranch. He's 4 years old and mellow as can be.

He's completely unfazed by having a person on his back - as you can see. Yesterday, he was taken around the block and did wonderfully. Currently, he's being ridden bareback with a rope halter, but he has had a saddle on him with no issues.

We had to laugh as he didn't even notice having someone on his back as he wondered around and continued eating and drinking all while having a passenger. When another horse ran towards him (due to being startled by another horse), JayJay didn't even flinch. He is definitely calm for his age.

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