Thursday, January 23, 2014

Horse Highlight - Scully

Every day we are touched by a horse, and on Friday May 13, 2013, a horse came to White Rock Horse Rescue that caused us to remember how proud and strong a horse can be. Scully, a Paint Gelding, 18 or so old, had a soft look in his eyes and unfortunately, an infection in his sheath area so extreme he was unable to walk correctly or urinate. Another Rescue was unable to provide financial care for Scully, and since rescues work together WRR took the horse in with their permission. Scully had an infection in his sheath that caused his penis area to enlarge to the size of a basketball and swell into his stomach area. With antibiotics and pain killers the swelling went down which allowed a vet to begin to give medical attention.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2013, Scully went to the vet, Dr. Smith, where we received the sad news that he had cancer on his secondary shealth. This cancer can normally be controlled by freezing it off if it is small enough, but Scully's cancer spot was too large to freeze. Scully was then scheduled to have his surgery on June 7th.

Fast forward to today... As you can see, Scully has recovered nicely from his surgery, and after receiving a new pair of horseshoes, he is now a very happy, healthy horse who loves to go. Just don't tell him that he's a senior horse because he's definitely in denial.

He knows when you're happy 
He knows when you're comfortable 
He knows when you're confident 
And he always knows when you have carrots. 
~Author Unknown~


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