Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sunny is Back!

Sometimes, a horse has to come back to the rescue because it isn't a good fit between the horse and new owner or the horse is just not happy at their new location even after the normal transition period.

In Sunny's case, he just wasn't happy at his new home even though his adoptive family was wonderful, so he started refusing to eat. Because Sunny, our miniature horse, was originally brought to his new home as a companion horse, we needed to locate another horse to replace Sunny. It was important to us that both Sunny and the other horse were happy and healthy in their respective homes. We put out a call for help, and many people tried to help out.

We are pleased to say that Sunny is now back at the rescue. He is currently being reintegrated into the herd, and he is now eating well. We appreciate how much you all cared about his well-being and wanted to help bring him home. We also are thankful to those who made his homecoming as well as the other horse's well-being possible.

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