Friday, February 7, 2014

Horse Highlight: Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is an old man at the ranch. We believe he's in his 30s based upon his teeth (or lack thereof). Because Dr. Pepper doesn't have the teeth he needs for chewing hay, he's on an all pellet diet. He does like to gum some hay that he snatches here and there. He is, after all, a horse.

He arrived at the ranch looking for his forever home which he's found at the ranch. He's a dead broke horse who is great for kids and smaller adults. He does not spook. For the most part, he likes to take slow trail rides at a walk, but he can trot here or there.

Dr. Pepper's doesn't like to be caught, and he's a little head shy. Once he's caught, he's a really good boy. He's is not the type of horse who loves attention, but he does enjoy being out on the trail.

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