Monday, February 3, 2014

Joshua Springs Bible College Students Lend a Helping Hand

On Friday, students from Joshua Springs Bible College made their way over to the rescue to help out with some tasks that needed to get done around the ranch. As always, Chippy had to do a little meet and greet with the visitors.

The girls quickly set to work getting the fence painted.

Even the Nature Park artwork got a little updating with a fresh coat of paint.

The boys were busy loading up the trailer with rocks and moving them into the Nature Park to line the trails as well as add some visual interest to the park.

Some of the girls set out to untangle a very, very long rope which would later be used to help define the trails in the Nature Park. It was a rather long, entertaining process.

It wasn't all work as some of the students took Isabel up on her offer to take a ride on the horses. As is normal at the ranch, everyone had to at least help catch the horses, tack them up, and groom them prior to the ride. During the ride, several students learned the emergency dismount procedure. After the ride, they put the horses back and put away the tack they used.

Patticake had a variety of riders.

The volunteer day ended with loading the trailer in preparation for feeding the horses, and everyone gathering for a time of thanks via a circle of prayer.

We want to thank all of the students for their help at the ranch. It was a pleasure having each of you out here.

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