Monday, April 28, 2014

Pictures at the ranch...4/27/2014

Jaelynn and Patticake:  Note no halter.  Very secure person!

And then another..MacKenzie and Patticake.  This horse is amazing with people.  MacKenzie is very secure too.

Half-man, half horse.  Who could this be???  Dave?  is that you?

Isabel and Nanci at the ranch.  Nanci adopted Chance and now they are riding bareback.

Crystal and Traveler.  This beautiful couple, hore and rider, are a team.  Crystal and Traveler ride like the wind.  Traveler is off the track but now is rehabed for trail and arena.
What a wonderful surprise WRR received in the mail.  A donation from K9 Sleepovers.  I want to thank you personally for your donation.

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