Friday, May 30, 2014

Promise's Trip to 29-Palm Military Base

Promise's was starting a new life with Amba and James, and White Rock Horse Rescue was excited for her and her new family.  Promise moved right into her new stall in Landers and starting eating.  Amba was so excited about taking good care of her, the next morning Amba was going to worm her and start a relationship with her.
But as all good plans go, Promise had a different idea, she thought she would head out for the desert and site see.  So Promise took off and she was unstoppable heading for 29 Palms Military Base off Border and Reche.  James started tracting her on foot and when he reached Border, no entrance beyond this point, he figured Promise couldn't read because her foot steps kept going.
James and Amba called White Rock and away Dave and Brian sprung into action, with 4-wheel drive vehicles and a urgent call to the Base for permission to look for Promise.  After permission with the escort, Sgt. Adam Munoz, LCPL Cole Corwin, from PMO Special Reaction Team, came to the rescue with binoculars in hand. As the team went in different directions because Promise was now 4 hours without water, the task was on to find Promise.
 Dave received a call from the team and they had found Promise, so Dave went to get her in the truck, but she was only a dot in their binoculars.  The team could see her in the area where there was no firing but the town and area around had smal firing going on.  Save the horse........was the new owners desire.
So after going into the Marine Corp Base 6 miles by truck, Promise was now on her way home through the desert again but the other way.  Promise's feet hurt, needed water which was provided by the Team, and didn't like being pulled through the desert by a truck to get her to the safe area of Border and Reche for a ride home.  Promise was finally home with sore feet and and experience she will never forget or will Sgt. Munoz, LCPL Corwin, our heros.  WRR and everyone involved want to thank the Team and the Marine Corp Base for their help and understanding in our desire to find our horse and bring her home safely with no injuries.  Another job well done.  Thank you.
Promise, QH mare, 18 years old.

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