Monday, May 19, 2014

Vinny and Stormy: In memory

Our story begins with a call for help from Stormy the owner of Vinny.  She had given her horse, Vinny, to a private party and a call was made to her that Vinny wasn't doing well. He couldn't walk on his left hind foot and swelling had taken place.  They asked her if they could take him to auction.  Stormy was there in a minute to see Vinny.  May 2014

After seeing Vinny in a lot of pain with his back left foot, swelling and not weight baring, and into the 3rd week of pain, Stormy stayed with Vinny at that ranch for 2 weeks but Stormy didn't see the condition getting better.  The Ranch told her Vinny had a broken bone and an absess in his left hind.  Stormy took Vinny back with no questions, just love and looked for help.

Stormy had Vinny trailered to Laughing Stock Ranch, Toni, and from there White Rock Horse Rescue was called to see if there was room for Vinny to rehab at and be donated.  White Rock Horse Rescue took him immediately so Vinny could get better. But it didn't get better.  Vinny and Stormy were in pain.May 12, 2014.

After farrier, friends, and Dr. Lenhert with xrays, which were donated to WRR by Dave, it was determined Vinny had a nail hole in his foot and it was missed diagnosed at the previous ranch, and now Vinny had a bone infection which is painful and not successful fore rehab.  With all the right information, Vinny with Stormy at his side, is now at piece with no pain.  But Stormy had two wonderful days with him at the WRR and acceptance was reached.  Vinny will always be in her heart.  The experience for WRR was true love and devotion.  Thanks Stormy for being there for Vinny.
Always, Isabel

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