Sunday, March 15, 2015

Delilah before and after 2014-2015

My name is Delilah. I am a Foundation Quarter Horse and i am between the ages of 5 and 7. Before i came to White Rock Horse Rescue August 2014, i was owned by a family that used me for eventing. When they could no longer use me because i was lame, and very thin, they surrendered me to WRR. Now i am sponsored by a girl named Lauren. She comes up to WRR to care for me and ride me 4 times a week. For the past 8 months she has been feeding me pellets, and i have shoes on all 4 to eliminate lameness. Now after 8 months, i am a healthy weight, and am happier than i have ever been because i know i am loved. Lauren and I are going to be entering in Gymkhana within these next few months. I love my new home at The White Rock Horse Rescue. See the photos before and after below.

Delilah August 2014

Delilah March 14, 2015

Delilah and Lauren February 1, 2015




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