Sunday, March 15, 2015

Update March 17th, Is She or Isn't She, Pregnant? "no"

Update March 17, 2015:

Dr. Petrus came to WRR on March 16, 2015 and rechecked Stella.  As we waited with bated breath and the real sign came.  2nd Chance was returned to WRR and Stella fell in love.  Dr. Petrus said she was too fat.  All the signs point to "no".  Thank you for any interest in Stella and the Vet bill was reasonable.  Isabel

Stella, a black Quarter Horse mare, came to White Rock Rescue on August 2014, as a rescue from a breeding farm in Sky Valley California. She had just been taken away from her 6 month old foal, and was extremely out of proportion when she came. Stella didn't loose any weight but has continued to have milk. Please note WRR has no stallions, and a no breeding policy, so she would be in foal by the previous owners. Stella was a brood mare, and only halter broken, but sweet as can be with people. She is also available for adoption.
 A vet was called to determine if she was in foal, but because of her previous foal condition, the vet could not determine "yes" or "no." As you can see in the pictures, WRR is concerned if proper care is needed for Stella if she is pregnant. With this scenerio, WRR needs your help with donations to take Stella to Dr.Lenhert for an ultrasound. Any donations recieved for Stella will go towards Stella's condition. Any donations will be appreciated through paypal, via mail, or in person: 733 Geronimo Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284. Thank you for your consideration in Stella.

Stella on March 14,2015 

The "Shadow knows" March 15, 2015
Stella March 15, 2015


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