Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sound Breeze Thoroughbred's Journey 2015

Sound Breeze TB was surrendered to WRR in March 2011 after a racing injury.  A new life for him was born.
Sound Breeze was adopted then returned after a fit in heaven wasn't made. WRR was glad to have him back rather than he be unhappy and so the new owner.
Then Sound Breeze found his new owners, Carol and Daryl, in August 2011. Sound Breeze was suppose to be for Daryl, but as you know when you have a relationship with a horse you know it.
Sound Breeze then moved with his new owner and love of his life to Louisiana.
Sound Breeze now found his perfect fit with Carol and it had green grass too.
Sound Breeze was decorated for Christmas 2014
with more than just one halter.
And now 2015, Sound Breeze has his own name on his halter from Carol, who loves him more each day.  Thank you Carol for adopting Sound Breeze, a rehab Thoroughbred.

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