Monday, June 15, 2015

A Rider's Tail by MacKenzie

Hi, my name is MacKenzie. I am 15 1/2 years old and I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old at .T.R.E.C. which stands for  Therapeutic Riding  Of Erie County. At the age of 7, I moved to Palm Springs, California and havent been on a horse in 5 years. After 5 years in California I moved to Yucca Valley at the age of 12. I saw on a news about White Rock Horse Rescue and found the address and went to the ranch where I meet Izzy . I have been at White Rock Ranch at the age of 12 and rode a white Arab named Star; an old Mare at the age of 24.

MacKenzie and Isabel 2011

At the time Star was about 15 hands tall . She was the most gorgeous mare and sweet and a great ride.  Then she got a happy home . After going through some difficult times going through some horses which was a challenge. Then I meet Sassy an Appaloosa & Arab mix a mare and I met her on a camping trip at one of Izzys trips and she even rolled once on the trail and she was ok.

Then a few weeks passed I adopted her after my mom and I adopted Dylan a gelding Quarter horse grandson of Hollywood Dunit and his dad Twister Dunit n Gold and mother Smoke Derail Reed and he is a pain in the butt . One day mom came to the ranch saw him and fell in love or as she calls it love at first sight . One day I got on Dylan and we took a few steps next thing you know I got thrown off of him and after that I got on a different horse.  The next day I went to the hospital and found out that I broke my lumbar spine L2 & L3 , now I know what your thinking Why would you get on a 3 year old foal ? Isnt that dangerous? Yes Its dangerous , It was stupid for us to see what he would do and I had a bad feeling at first but I wanted to see what happened and Im not going to point fingers at anyone but sometimes we have to take risks but maybe my dad wouldnt agree for me doing it again .

To be honest I was scared to get back on a horse for three months even though I had to miss school for a month and had a teacher as my tutor for a while but I was afraid cause I thought what happens if I get back on my horse ? , what happens if my horse takes off , what happens if my horse rears , what happens if I got thrown off ? I was about to quit until I remember Sassy.  I had to be there for my girl . Once I started lessons well Sassy didnt like it one bit she try to stop while trotting I fell off then I squeezed with my thighs and she pulled another trick on me when we ride she jolts her body the opposite direction where we were going and I fell off .

Then a white horse a came to the ranch named Alejandra, or Ally for short, she is a mare appendix and she has an old bit injury and hangs her tongue out and she is a good girl. I started to use Ally and I jumped her over 1 foot jumps because of her bad leg turns out it was an old break and I adopted her and after a year on lessons she then was retired and had a stab wound . But I can still go on trails with her.

Then  came Hope . Hope was an old white thoroughbred and old race horse and i rode her and she has a nice canter and was good at barrels and pole bending of gymkhana and good at trails  but she has gotten a good home like Star but she lives down the street so every once in a while I see her with her new best friend.

Then mom adopted Sting her horse, and then came Levi (aka Berlin) He is a Warmblood and was a Level 3 Dressage and was 19 years old and  a gelding.  He is tougher than I thought when it comes to horses but when it comes to riding it was like riding on air but he wasnt use to the desert and trail rides.  He was used to a stall and a barn but I adopted him for awhile.  Then I had to surrender him because I knew he needed to be with someone that can ride him 24/7 and give him all the love and attention that he deserves. I gave him that but I knew that wasnt enough.  I felt like I was failing him but with in my heart I knew I made the right choice for Levi and not for me. Now Levi is happy and is part of a herd at WRR .

Sting and Mom

Berlin (Levi) and MacKenzie
 Mom loves sting to this day and Sting was originally Hart of gold an old jumper and mom goes and rides him almost all the time  but I only rode him once but Ill tell you he has a nice trot !
 Eddie was an old race horse also known as Eddie White Soxs is a thoroughbred that went to races and has won $87,000 for his old owner . now he is in rehab at my house which we call the Nevaeh Ranch we get the horses healthier and get more nutrition  for the horses that are under weight and we give them some TLC tender loving care .

Eddie White Socks when he came.
Eddie White Socks now, 6/15/2015

What Im going to do in the future

 When I am older I am going to equestrian school and ranger school. I am going to be a ranger and Im going to be riding and opening my own equestrian center and teach kids with Autism just like me, how to ride and rent out stalls and do therapeutic riding and breed horses and sponsor some of my student in competition in Big Bear and the Equestrian Center will be names the Northern Star Ranch after my first real bond with my first horse Star, and give all the horses TLC tender loving care.

 Thanks for reading my story !

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