Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shelby and Jaelynn working together 4/9/2016

Shelby the Mustang

Shelby is a 12 year old mare that was adopted from the BLM. She has had numerous owners which have given her many bad riding habits, except for the last owner, Robin, who gave her love, affection, respect, and training. Robin needed to find a home and was very honest about her rearing, spinning and bolting. Robin found her another home, and within 4 weeks, Shelby was back home with her... it just didn't work. Robin then called the White Rock Horse Rescue to ask them if they would take her and help her find the right relationship and home.
Jaelynn and Shelby, with no "buttons"

Shelby arrived at WRR in 2015, a beautiful red roan mustang. To look at her you wouldn't know she was capable of being afraid. WRR started working with her to find her "buttons" so we could rehabilitate her. The first project was for Jaelynn, one of our expirenced riders, to walk shelby around in the round pen. She rode Shelby bareback and in a bareback pad with a side pull. Of course Jaelynn wore a helmet for safety. WRR is now aware of Shelby's "buttons."

First rear

Second rear

Second rear... Part two

Trying to break an egg on Shelby's head.
Jaelynn attempting to break the egg on Shelby's head
The egg didn't work

Jaelynn and Shelby, a successful ride

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