Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amazing Grace Update 8/1/2016

Amazing Grace May 2, 2016.
Amazing Grace after two months of food and love. May 20, 2016
July 2016

Good news......Amazing Grace has a new forever home.

Grace is now starting to show signs of a healthy coat.  Grace is now a different horse, she has life and gusto.  The horses know where Grace's food is and Grace does too.  Grace's special area is her own little private space and Grace has no problem letting them all know they aren't invited to share her food.

A special thanks to all that contributed a donation to her special food and those of you that have come to care for her.  A success story is in the making.  White Rock Horse Rescue thanks you.

Flying F Ranch, John and Natalie Buchanan, showed a special interest in Grace due to their own experience with a rescue horse. They provided special food with instructions how to feed Grace, gave us a good start on a program for a starved horse.  Everyone can benefit from others information.  Thanks John and Natalie.

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