Monday, May 2, 2016

National Help A Horse Week Event A Success! Thanks to YOU

As the wind came rushing by Saturday, April 23, 2016, on our National Help a Horse Day Event started and everyone held their breath.  What will WRR do if the winds at 19 miles an hour continue? When you are a horse lover, wind doesn't stop you......Over 100 people attended. The answer was....Go Forward....and White Rock Rescue Volunteers did just that.

Dr. Petrus gave a wonder seminar on Leg Injuries and demonstrated using two horses from WRR.  Smokie and Cassy.  Each horse was a candidate for straight or overused legs. Dr. Petrus offered Horse Emergtency Kits to individuals who felt they needed them which included pain medication if needed.  The Kits costs $75 and are available through Dr. Petrus.

Smokin Like Hail, Dr. Petrus and Morgan

Then the arena was filled with Rescue horses and their Sponsors.  This event was to invite the community to see the different riding skills of each individual and the horse they picked for a relationship.  This is designed as an example of what levels each horse and rider have.  Amazing is all anyone could say.

Royal and Chantele

Lauren Larson, Deliahla, and Pumpkin (who has found a forever home)

Levi and Roca
Pat and Max (27 yrs old.)

Kylie and Spirit

Lauren Chen and Bubba
Jazzi and Lauren Chen

Levi and Roca and Dee (his mother)

Liberty and Smokin

The Crowd went wild.

Mackenzie and Mo

Madison and Danny, Jenna and Spirit


Rene from Cush Corner Alpacas gave a seminar on Alpacas for a  Business or pleasure.  WRR has two alpacas and this seminar was greatly appreciated.

Good food, games, were the remainder of the day with Chicken Races, Painting Bird Houses, Ring Toss, but A HIGHLIGHT of the day the the Karaoke Sponsored and Donated by Dave Wheaton and Lito Oliveros.

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