Monday, May 2, 2016

Please Sponsor "Amazing Grace" to help with her Injury 5/2/2016

White Rock Horse Rescue is so glad someone called to help "Amazing Grace",  which Jan named, .  A call was made to WRR about a mare that just had a baby and lost it.  The mare was in bad condition but the people didn't have the funds to help her.  After Isabel talked with  Michele, Jan, Chuck, and Lori they immediately made arrangements to pick her up without any questions that same day.

It was worse than they expected but they never turned back.  Grace came home to White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue (Jan's House) and Dr. Petrus was called for an appointment to see her condition..

Dr. Petrus said to give her love, SMZs, food and exercise.  So since we picked her up, she has been fed 24/7, given her medication and love.  Grace roams around WRR now in a small area.

White Rock Horse Rescue will continue with her care. If you would like to donate for her medical care and special food, please know it will be appreciated.  Grace will be a continuing love story.
Grace at her previous home

Leg injury which is now being treated by Dr. Petrus

Grace from the back

Grace being feed

Jan couldn't believe her eyes

Grace arrived on 4/29/2016  at her sponsored home, Jan's, and the first thing....EAT

Jan and Grace 2 days later.

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