Friday, August 25, 2017

The Babies are leaving! Surprise, More Babies

It has been fun and sometimes scary having the little ones (colts)  around but they now need their new families.  One was adopted 2 weeks ago, and the other 2 are leaving this weekend, August 26, 2017.  Pictures are coming.

But as all stories go, there is always a rainbow after a rain, and WRR is proud to announce that two of the three mares that came with their babies, are pregnant and due around March 2018.  It was not expected in our original plan but now it is going to happen and they are well taken care of.

Pictures are coming.

Open House and Tours September 23, 2017

White Rock Horse Rescue is inviting the Community to come and visit White Rock Horse Rescue on September 23, 2017 from 11:00 - 3:00 Open House with Tours in our new Shuttle.  This can be a time for everyone to come and relax and watch the wonderful horses in their element of freedom. 

In addition, Summer is White Rock Horse Rescue's easier time for feeding.  Each summer Bermunda is fed for protein reasons with pellets to keep the horses in good weight.  But during the Winter, the Ranch must change to a more protein hay.  This is the time for WRR to start think of winter feed and with your help we can reach our goal of a truck and trailer from C&J Feed.  Each load can cost more than $4000 - $5000 but will have 434 bales at least. 

Here is an example what your donation can do for horses that are in need of food when they arrive:

Grace, TB, when she arrived at White Rock 2017

Grace after 2 months at WRR with Jan Feeding her,



Grace, after 4 months of food and love.  Grace now has a wonderful home.

WRR Summer Camp 2017

September 2017 Summer Camp at Erika's and Lake Fullmer

Isabel and Lacey, Carol's dog who was given to Erika, was our special guess.  The weather at Lake Fullmer was nice, but not if your blook is thin. 

Snakes were out and about but didn't show any signs of wanting our legs.  You can walk around the lake and enjoy the quiet.

The Group

Only two of the group would climb on the top of this rock.  It is known for individuals to dive off or jump off for fun.  Our fun was coming down the rock safely.

This is a trail anyone can walk, run, skate, or just mossy.  The day was as peaceful as it can be.
What a joy.

Uptown Pet & Feed Donation

White Rock Horse Rescue was a Recipient of 50 donated Bales of Bermuda Hay from Uptown Pet & Feed in Yucaipa, Ca in the old town.  Their address is 35039 Yucaipa Blvd, CA  92399
Bellow is an example of a discount ticket you can receive from WRR.  Please call if you are interest.
It is alwatys a gift when someone donates hay to White Rock Horse Rescue.  And WRR wants to thank everyone who gives from their heart to us.  The horses and of course volunteers appreciate it very much.

Always, Isabel

Fall Horse Camp at Lake Perris Oct.6-8

White Rock Horse Rescue will be having their Fall Campout October 6-8, 2017.  The Ranch will be closed to visitors during this time.  Lake Perris is a horse friendly camp with stalls and lots of shade.  Riding the horses is a joy especially when water was found. Each rider will have their own horse and be responsible for its needs.  Rider must walk, trot. and canter on their horse to attend.  If you are interested in attending this camp, please email me directly at 951-532-2417.  If you would like to explore Lake Perris here is the link:

Below is a form to be filled out and returned to White Rock Horse Rescue by email: Att:  Isabel Megli or 733 Geronimo Trail, Yucca Valley, Ca 92284.

This is a great opportunity if you like to ride, tent, and enjoy the outdoors.  Isabel

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rescue Mares and Foals Arrive at White Rock Ranch

Mares and foals (all colts) came to White Rock Ranch to be raised to find a family for them.  The mares are now getting friendlier and the foals are in your face.  WRR is now starting to halter train them so a successful adoption can occur when they are weaned  and gelded.  Keep the babies in mind to a training and relationship with horses.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Pigs Need Loving Home

If you can adopt or know someone that is looking for a lovely big pig, please have them contact White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue at 951-532-2417.  WRR will be keeping the pigs which Carol  requested but it would be a great help if you can adopt one or more.
Thank you, Isabel

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New - Tours of White Rock Ranch by Cart

White Rock Horse Rescue has made their first purchase of an 8-Seater Golf Cart for Tour at White Rock Horse Ranch.  Since 12.5 acres is the Ranch and the temperatures are cold and hot, individuals can donate to the Ranch and see every horse in style and safety.  The purpose of the  8-Seater Cart is so everyone can meet and greet each horse and their story in safety.  Please come to White Rock Horse Rescue for their first mnth of tours in July 2017.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Special Thank U from WRR 4 WhoaDown Support

Lito and Lori - Donation of Kareoke
Val Hopkins and Geri ( the mom) DJ for the event and volunteer
Jan Sawyer - Volunteer
Cookie - Volunteer
Jaelynn Watson - Volunteer
Steve - $1000 donation
Troy - Volunteer
BJ - Volunteer
Linda and Cindy - Volunteer and Food Support
Kim Allen - $200 donation
Cush Cornor Alpaca - 14 Cowboy Hats and 200 Puppets
Firehouse Subs - 20 Free Subs and 68 Free Chips and Drink Cards
Steak & Shake - 6 Free Combos with Drink
C&J Feed - Hay donation
Food 4 Less - 5 cases of water
Stater Bros. - $25.00 Gift Certificate
$5.00 Pizza - 5 Large Pizzas
Big Morongo Feed - $25.00 Gift Card and Stick Horse and a Star Wall Plaque
Deborah - All her time and effort with the rescue horses and their sponsors and Embroidered Baseball                  hat and a Volunteer
Caren and Kianna, Volunteers with a smile

Arabian Rescue From WRR, Layla, and owner Marie

Marie sent:
I have actually written her on the trail while bringing my other horse with her for company. She is horribly out of shape and lacking confidence what is so sweet and tries very hard. I love her a lot. My older mare has gotten a second wind and even in this heat seems to be doing quite well ... so I have postponed her death date LOL. happily.

I am still interested in putting on an endurance ride out there and have talked to Fran about it but she has never really gotten back to me about it. I am thinking that we might start planning that now perhaps for the fall of this year or spring of next year. Perhaps you could talk to her and see if she still interested?
I am so happy to have met you and how you keep your horses gives me hope. Sending you big hugs and lots of love

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breezy, a Rescue, has a Friend for Life

Breezy was adopted from White Rock years ago.  His family and owner has kept WRR in the loop since he was adopted.  Please enjoy Breezy's life through this email.

They filmed part of the new Magnificent Seven here in Louisiana and we got to ride through the set!  It's on private property and bunch of us rode out and had lunch on the porch of the "saloon".  That's Breezy second from the right - the gorgeous one :)   The girls in the picture are my riding buddies that I was so lucky to have met.

Breezy has heaves which is more common out here.  So far, we are able to keep him healthy pretty easily but it supposedly gets worse each year.  It hasn't slowed him down yet!

Monday, June 19, 2017

WhoaDown 4 Hay and Rodeo Success Thank You

May 20, 2017 White Rock Horse Rescue had their annual WhoaDown for Hay and Rescue Horses and their Sponsors in a performance created by Debroah.  Please watch this video and see the happiest of these horses and sponsors.  Thank you everyone for coming and supporting WRR.

In Memory of Carol Davison 1947-2017

Carol and her little boy Applejack which she raised from a baby.
Carol Davison, our Villa Administrator, lost her long battle with Cancer on Sunday, June 11, 2017. She has been an important part of WRR since 2008.


Carol's sister Kathy, and her nephew Mark, were with her in her final days. Isabel, Jan, and Michele were at her side when she passed and a peacefulness came over her. No more pain.
Carol dedicated her body to science which was her long term wish.
All her dogs and horses have been placed at loving homes, but the 4 pigs are still in need of homes.
Carol requested in lieu of flowers, donations be made to White Rock Horse Rescue. Carol will be remembered as a beloved friend to all. She will be greatly missed.
Love and Sincerely,

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Carol Davison, White Rock Horse Retirement Villa Update

Update:  Carol has developed complications and is very ill.  Unfortunately, the Doctor's diagnosis is she only has a short time but is resting comfortably at home with her Sister and Friends.  

Carol Davison, White Rock Horse Retirement Villa Administrator, unfortunately has been suffering from Colon Cancer Stage 4, for the last year.  Carol is now on Hospice and is resting comfortably at her home.  The decision was hard for her and everyone who loves her.  The Villa is now in need of pellets and hay for the 10 retirement horses that are now being cared for by volunteers to help Carol not to worry and be in peace.  Please call C&J at 760-364-4500 to donate in Carol's name for her horses that she has loved for the last 9 years. C&J will deliver all donations to Carol's home.  Most of All,  Pray for Carol in this time of need. 

Carol and Applejack she raised from a baby.

Thank you for all your support during this time of need and the devastating illness that has touched so maney people.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Mares and Babies Are Here

On May 12, 2017 four mares and foals came to White Rock Horse Rescue.  On June 3, 2017 we have three mares and 3 foals.  One of the babies had a hernia and was sent to another rescue where she was more suited since running wasn't good for until surgery.

June 5, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Magnus, Southside, and Flicka Come to White Rock

Magnus is a 2 yr. old Thoroughbred gelding who has been determined not a racing candidate.   His owner surrendered Magnus to WRR so he could find a forever home with a career that will be a better fit. Magnus is a beautiful Thoroughbred with a heart of a puppy.  He is up for adoption.

Southside is a 4 yr. old Thoroughbred mare surrendered to WRR due to an injury to her left eye.  Southside has never been raced but has had training on the ground.  She is up for Adoption,

Flicka (aka Reign) was surrendered to WRR as a gift.  Flicka has bonded with a 10 yr. old girl who is now sponsoring her.  Flicka is 22 yrs. old and can go like the wind.  A match has been made.

Lacey is becoming WRR Ranch Horse

Lacey a percheron horse was returned after 5 years of being adopted due to the owner wanting her to come back to WRR.  Lacey is now the Ranch Horse for the kids to ride and have fun on.  Lacey will never forget her previous owner and thanks him for bringing her back to WRR to enjoy her life.

Snoppy is getting a Home

Snoppy is being adopted by an individual that adopted a WRR rescue horse in 2011 and now is in need of another horse for the horse that is lonely.  Snoppy will be happy to leave WRR because he would like more food and a home of his own.  Snoppy has taken up lodging in our temp shed.  He is a smart horse.  WRR will miss you Snoppy but your have a forever home.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Annual Whoadown and Rodeo White Rock May 20th

Please come and enjoy yourself at WRR with the Rescue Horses and Sponsors.  A rodeo will be part of our WhoaDown and a parade of rescue horses will amaze you.  Adoptable rescue horses will be identified and the stories of their life will be shared.   

Saturday, February 18, 2017

White Horses in the Rain

During the February 2017 rains, White Rock Horse Rescue's White Horses are very happy changing their color to Brown.  Please enjoy our horses having fun.
Spirit - Ranch Horse
Lacy - Ranch Horse
Amber - Available


Cyrus- Available

Fonzie - Available

Diamond - Ranch Horse

Sundance - Available

White Rock Horse Rescue Sponsoring Program in Action

White Rock Horse Rescue offers a Sponsoring Program for individuals that love to be with horses. 
Below are some of our events on our rescues and their sponsors. These Sponsors commit to these horses for $100 a month.
Lauren and Bubba
Isabel and Phoebe.

At Gallupin Paws 2017

Chantel and Royal

Chantel and Royal

Sponsors and their Rescue Horses

Gallupin Paws Event with Rescur Horses and Sponsors

Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie, and Morgan and Sally


Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie and Isabel and Phoebe

Gallupin Paws Event

Downloadable Forms and Documents