Saturday, February 18, 2017

White Horses in the Rain

During the February 2017 rains, White Rock Horse Rescue's White Horses are very happy changing their color to Brown.  Please enjoy our horses having fun.
Spirit - Ranch Horse
Lacy - Ranch Horse
Amber - Available


Cyrus- Available

Fonzie - Available

Diamond - Ranch Horse

Sundance - Available

White Rock Horse Rescue Sponsoring Program in Action

White Rock Horse Rescue offers a Sponsoring Program for individuals that love to be with horses. 
Below are some of our events on our rescues and their sponsors. These Sponsors commit to these horses for $100 a month.
Lauren and Bubba
Isabel and Phoebe.

At Gallupin Paws 2017

Chantel and Royal

Chantel and Royal

Sponsors and their Rescue Horses

Gallupin Paws Event with Rescur Horses and Sponsors

Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie, and Morgan and Sally


Kylie and Beau, Jaelynn and Cassie and Isabel and Phoebe

Gallupin Paws Event

Cassie and Jaelynn's Big Adventure at White Rock

White Rock Horse Rescue, rescues horses and with our Sponsoring Program, a relationship and adventures start.  A relationship with a rescue horse is seen in this emotional video of Cassie and Jaelynn.


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