Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breezy, a Rescue, has a Friend for Life

Breezy was adopted from White Rock years ago.  His family and owner has kept WRR in the loop since he was adopted.  Please enjoy Breezy's life through this email.

They filmed part of the new Magnificent Seven here in Louisiana and we got to ride through the set!  It's on private property and bunch of us rode out and had lunch on the porch of the "saloon".  That's Breezy second from the right - the gorgeous one :)   The girls in the picture are my riding buddies that I was so lucky to have met.

Breezy has heaves which is more common out here.  So far, we are able to keep him healthy pretty easily but it supposedly gets worse each year.  It hasn't slowed him down yet!

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