Saturday, June 3, 2017

Carol Davison, White Rock Horse Retirement Villa Update

Update:  Carol has developed complications and is very ill.  Unfortunately, the Doctor's diagnosis is she only has a short time but is resting comfortably at home with her Sister and Friends.  

Carol Davison, White Rock Horse Retirement Villa Administrator, unfortunately has been suffering from Colon Cancer Stage 4, for the last year.  Carol is now on Hospice and is resting comfortably at her home.  The decision was hard for her and everyone who loves her.  The Villa is now in need of pellets and hay for the 10 retirement horses that are now being cared for by volunteers to help Carol not to worry and be in peace.  Please call C&J at 760-364-4500 to donate in Carol's name for her horses that she has loved for the last 9 years. C&J will deliver all donations to Carol's home.  Most of All,  Pray for Carol in this time of need. 

Carol and Applejack she raised from a baby.

Thank you for all your support during this time of need and the devastating illness that has touched so maney people.

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