Friday, August 7, 2020

Donate to Our Equine Worming Horse Program

With the current situation and decline in donations at this time, White Rock Horse Rescue is in need of 50 wormers for the fall Equine Worming Program.  The program includes every horse and future horses that come to the ranch during.

This request from White Rock Horse Rescue is for health reason for the horses and Panacur Wormer is our requested wormer but any wormer will help in our EquineWorming this time.

White Rock Horse Rescue thanks you in advance for any donation you make for the horses.

Isabel Megli


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Covid-19 donations

White Rock Horse Rescue appreciates all the donations, help, and service that has been given to us during the hard time of Covid-19.  With restrictions placed on WRR it has been difficult but with our help it has been easier for us in many ways.  I want to thank everyone all for what you have done for WRR, from the bottom of my heart with all the horses attached.  WRR would not be who we are today without you.

Sincerely with deep gratitude 
                                                              Isabel Megli, Founder