Sunday, May 3, 2020

Covid-19 and White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue and Retirement

White Rock Ranch Horse Rescue and Retirement has followed all the restrictions that have been decided by the President, Governors, and Counties,  During the past three months, WRR has been closed to visitors, groups, and perspective adopters which has made a decline in donations. In the 11 years WRR has been a  501c3 horse rescue, this is the first time food has been needed due to a  Pandemic.

Everyone needs to eat, and horses are no different.  There are no food banks for animals to line up to get hay and pellets so they will not be hungry and so here I am; asking for any small donation to buy hay and pellets for the horses.   WRR has planned for hay for the summer but at this time the moneis tighter than usual for us and everyone.

Please help  by donating to White Rock Horse Rescue by donating pellets, hay, or money for the horses food bank at WRR.  Thank you in advance for any donation. .

Isabel Megli, Founder

                                            Lacy hard at work at Summer Camp 2018