Adoptable Horses 3/31/2017

Shelby is a Mustang mare 12yrs old and is a special needs Mustang. She is so well trained, so she must have an experinced horse person.

Sundance is a Qh Paint, gelding 16yrs old. He is missing an eye due to medical reasons. Can be ridden with shoes or just a pasture buddy.

Malachi is a Thoroughbred gelding 19yrs old. Can be ridden lightly or great pasture buddy.

Noche is a Saddlebredx cross gelding 16yrs old. Gaited and fun but has a clubed foot, that puts him off in the front so must wear shoes.

Gypsy is a QH Paint mare 9yrs old, with blue eyes. Has been ridden but needs TLC.

Traveler is a Arabian gelding 15yrs old. Has a little buck in him.

Juliet is a Arabian, 4yrs old and very playful whether you want to play or not. High play drive 24/7.  She is only for the courages who wants to spend time and give her the attention she needs. 

Southside is a Thoroughbred mare 4yrs old. She is not broke to ride but is very eager to learn.

Indy - 7-9 yr old gelding.  A mix of Welch and Arabian.  Only 13hds but can go.

Egzy -14 yrs old OTT Thoroughbred with a very high energy level.  Good for an experienced rider.  Egzy is very sweet and can be ridden western or English.  His front fedlock was injured but has fused and he is ready to ride.  Would not make a good jumping or show horse.

Karina is a 16 yrs old draft cross.  She is a very sweet and kind horse that an individual can make a relationship with.

Lluvia is a mustang cross and is approximately 14 yrs old mare.  In her life, she has been trained by many trainers but never understood what was happening so she is very confused.


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